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Software as a Service

Web hosting and Infrastructure

IT Managed and Professional Services

WordPress plugins and themes

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Fractional Chief Revenue Officer

Marketing & Sales Playbooks

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Lead Generation

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Lead Conversions

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Industries where we can ignite growth

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Have an awesome SaaS product but your team is largely technical? Or simply not getting the traction you need for that next round of funding or to achieve possibility?  RAINCLOUD can help drive your growth rate from "pedestrian" to remarkable, setting your SaaS up for long term value creation.

WordPress Plugins and Themes

From ongoing subscriptions to one-off licenses, RAINCLOUD has a sales and marketing playbook tailor-made for WordPress Plugins and Themes. Let us help turn your plugin into a revenue rocketship for years to come.

Web Hosting and Infrastructure

Managed hosting, infrastructure, and cloud are where we started. If you are looking to optimize sales, expand alliances, or simply find more end-customers, the RAINCLOUD team can architect a complete sales and marketing playbook to reach your growth goals.

IT Professional and Managed Services

In a hyper-competitive and rapid growth market like Managed Services, you can not afford to stand still. RAINCLOUD's IT/MSP playbooks and models can orient your organization for the rapid growth you desire.

Why we exist - a message from the founder

"I've spent more than 20 years watching awesome technology businesses die on the vine because of broken and non-existent sales processes. As a business owner myself, it is always sad to see good companies made of good people fail because they simply don't know how to convert leads into customers.

I founded RAINCLOUD to solve this. 

Why? Because a business isn't just sales and revenue...a business is made of real people with real dreams.  A business is about putting your kids through college, it's paying your mortgage and having the money left over to take a nice vacation. It's the pride of building something and waking up every day with purpose.  What's more amazing than that? 

But sometimes people need a little help.  That's where we come in."

Colin Dowling | RainCloud

Colin Dowling - CEO | Founder

Chief Revenue Officer | T40 Software


Founder | Hemingway

Former VP of Global Sales | Media Temple

Former VP Partner and Agency Sales | Liquid Web

Enterprise and Agency Director | WP Engine

Strategic Account Executive | Dell

Unapologetic Houston Astros, Houston Rockets, and Tennessee Volunteers fan

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