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How RAINCLOUD works:

Prospect Identification

We'll work with you to identify the best areas of opportunity for your business.  From there, we use a proprietary toolset to find new prospects that would be a great fit for your offerings.

Indicators of Intent

We use Indicators of Intent (IoI) to turn prospects into highly-targeted contacts that are in the evaluation or buying process for exactly what you offer. No 'spray and pray here.'

Custom Sequencing

Super personalized, every message custom not only to the prospect but also in a way that draws a direct line between their inbox and why they should want to speak to you.

Smile & Dial

Unlike some lead generation organizations, we take a multi-channel approach and that means a healthy dose of good old-fashioned cold-calling. Cold-calling combined with email outreach makes campaigns 92% more effective.

Appointment Setting

We set the call or demo according to your schedule and provide context before the call happens so you can be at your best. Then we get back to work finding the next opportunity.

You can do it yourself. Or we can do it for you, only a lot better.

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We've started tech-oriented conversations for our clients with the following...

Pivotal Labs
The Players Tribune
Kings Craft
Dogfish Head
Kids Smiles
Auto Serve
Pure Enrichment

...and HUNDREDS more looking for web, software, marketing and IT help

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