What makes RAINCLOUD different?

The RAINCLOUD Difference

Every company in the business development space says they are different.  In fact, in most cases the company actually THINKS they are different.  But when pressed to define what makes their organization different, many of these organizations struggle to enunciate exactly what makes them different from others.

We're happy to outline what makes us different and where we shine.

1. Performance-oriented Service Model

We used to charge monthly retainers but decided to move to pay-for-performance instead. Why? Because the right thing to do is make sure our interests are aligned with our clients. That alignment comes from being compensated only when we do a good job.

When we charged monthly retainers we found that clients would expect the same results every month and weren't comfortable paying the same sized invoice when we might generate 10 leads in one month and 6 the next.  At the same time, our team would watch the calendar as well and would focus on clients that were about to pay again instead of applying appropriate energy serving all clients.

The whole thing was exhausting.

So we've shifted to a pay-for-performance model that serves everyone better.  When we deliver leads quickly we earn the right to be compensated again for even more leads.  And when the leadflow is a little lighter, no one stresses about the next invoice.  Win win.

We're sure other outbound firms follow this model...we've just don't know who any of those firms are. 😉

2. Specialization in the technology industry

Many lead generation firms claim to be specialists but then will do "anything for a buck," taking on customers in any industry just to grow revenue.  We know; we used to be like that too.  RAINCLOUD now focuses solely on helping B2B technology companies when it comes to lead generation and pipeline development.

Our client roster includes companies in the following technology segments:

  • Digital marketing agencies
  • Software consultancies
  • SAAS
  • Hosting, cloud and infrastructure providers
  • Virtual reality studios
  • Contract manufacturers
  • Telecom providers

3. Ease of communication and true partnership

Unlike other business development firms, we make communication easy by doing a few "common sense" things that many companies have forgotten or avoid.

  • We answer our phones
  • We reply quickly to emails
  • We offer Slack channels in our solutions
  • We provide weekly email updates showing the work we've done and the results we've achieved
  • We offer options to integrate with the client's CRM

If you want someone to work FOR you then you should pick another firm. If you want someone to work WITH you then we'd love the chance to learn how we can help.

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