Grow your Technology Business with Performance-based Lead Generation

RAINCLOUD provides comprehensive top-of-the-funnel lead generation services.

From defining who your ideal prospects are to executing an outbounding strategy that gets qualified meetings set and demos booked, our team specializes in introducing your brand to people that need your service offering but have no idea who you are.

Outbounding gives organizations like yours control of your pipeline and your business growth. Waiting for the next referral or hoping PPC investments pay off are a reactionary way to build a business.  Wouldn't you rather take the bull by the horns and chart your own destiny?

It's not magic...we're just willing to do the hard work you can't or won't do.

Ingredients for a Successful Outbound Strategy

1. Money

When hiring SDRs or BDRs to prospect and fill the pipeline, your financial investment will be significant.  Salaries, benefits and taxes are just the start. Productivity lost to sick days, equipment required to do the job, the costs start to add up in a hurry.

RAINCLOUD removes these incremental costs by providing specific results for one flat rate that is significantly less than hiring even a single new team member.

"Fully Loaded Cost" of hiring your own SDR in the following markets:

Austin |  $66,000/year

Tampa | $59,500/year

Chicago | $63.000/year

San Francisco | $77,200/year

2. Time

Forget for a moment that sourcing and hiring an SDR/BDR can take time on its own. Even with the right person in place it will still be weeks before they understand your business, understand the industry and market, and feel comfortable performing the work you've asked them to do. If everything goes right it will be almost two months before you get results.

RAINCLOUD can being outbound campaigns for you within 14 days from engagement. We spend the first week getting to know your business and your ideal client then we get to work creating conversations.

Industry average time to fully ramp your own SDR/BDR:

13 weeks

3. Expertise

Outbounding is every salesperson's least favorite job.  In fact, if you give an SDR or salesperson any activity other than prospecting or outbounding then they will invariably gravitate to that other thing.

RAINCLOUD has years of experience in successful outbounding for technology companies.

Prospecting and outbounding is literally the only thing that we do here. Couple that with literally millions of data points to inform decisions and a proprietary toolset for identifying the right prospects at just the right time and our expertise shines through for your outbound strategy.

Industry average experience for an SDR/BDR:

13 months

4. Experience

Our team has a combined 40 years in the lead generation space. What's more, all of that experience is in the technology and digital sector.

Members of our leadership have designed and implemented the outbound strategy for GoDaddy's enterprise division, numerous Silicon Valley Startups, and multiple international software firms. 

With RAINCLOUD you can tap into that experience and put it to work for your organization.

Still not convinced? How about a metaphor...

How to Build a House


  1. Decide to build a home.  ALRIGHT!
  2. Go to the hardware store and buy materials.  Wait, what?
  3. Ask some friends to help.  They just look at you funny.
  4. Futz around trying to build a house.  This was a bad idea.
  5. Celebrate small victories and stare at your neighbors' finished houses.

The RIGHT way

  1. Decide to build a home. Alright!
  2. Find an experienced homebuilder. After all, they know what they're doing.
  3. Work with the homebuilder. Pick out the light fixtures, leave the framing to the pros.
  4. Homebuilder builds your home. You do something else. Vacation. Grocery store. Whatever.
  5. Move into the house of your dreams. Plan your housewarming party yet?

How to Build Sales Pipeline


The Wrong Way 

  1. Decide you need more leads and sales opportunities!  ALRIGHT!
  2. Go to the internet and buy recycled lead-lists, prospect databases, and marketing automation tools. Oh boy...here we go....
  3. Hire people for your marketing department.  You thought they'd work for free?
  4. Futz around trying to fill your pipeline when you should be building your business. Ugh.
  5. Celebrate small victories. Ignore your competitors doing better than you.


  1. Decide you need more leads and sales opportunities! ALRIGHT!
  2. Call RAINCLOUD and get an experienced team. Relax, we've got you covered.
  3. Work with your Account Manager.  Get the deals that make sense for your company.
  4. RAINCLOUD fills your pipeline with qualified opportunities. You focus on building your business.
  5. Crush your quota, dominate the market, be the envy of your industry. Should have done this sooner, right?

Helping you win more deals and get more of the RIGHT clients.

That's what we do here.

Make It Rain

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