Hosting Companies & IaaS

Challenge: Web hosting is a highly competitive industry with more and more players coming to market every day.  Customer-Acquisition-Costs continue to increase while Lifetime-Value is on the decline.

Solution: Let RAINCLOUD manage the top-of-the-funnel, leaving you time to keep clients happy and invest in the technology and products necessary to thrive.


We have deep expertise and experience in the hosting and IaaS space.  And whether you offer VPS, shared hosting, Cloud deployments or a mix of all three, we understand that each new customer is getting harder and harder to find.

The number one need for companies in the hosting and Iaas space?  More qualified leads. With a sales team waiting at the ready for the next potential hosting client, it is imperative that they have enough opportunities to help meet your revenue goals..

RAINCLOUD can either replace or supplement your ongoing Business Development efforts through our unique Inbound/Outbound Lead Machine. By combining targeted prospecting with lead-magnets and sales funnels custom built for you and your company, RAINCLOUD drives new customers and clients into the buying process so by the time you or your sales team talk to them they already know your brand, trust your reputation, and have expressed a need for the hosting services you provide.

Helping you win more deals and get more of the RIGHT clients.

That's what we do here.