What do you say we rev up your sales & marketing engine?

(Because we're ready to get started)


RAINCLOUD is powered by sales professionals, marketing experts, and business-owners that understand the challenges and opportunities that come with trying to generate more sales from scratch.  Our strategies and systems are homegrown and have been tested for years across different sectors and for different size companies with different business goals.

What we are NOT is conventional marketers that follow the most recent tips and tricks posted in the online echo chamber.

We deliver the right kinds of clients for your business and at a pace that you can handle as you grow.

And grow you will.


Because no experience on Earth compares to the feeling of taking a total stranger and turning them into a new customer or client.  No experience compares to introducing an idea, solution, or product and another person saying "yes, I need that.  And I will pay you money for it."

Whether you are building a business or already have one, we will fill your pipeline with new prospects interested in your product or service.  It's Business Development on autopilot.  You'll call it the most powerful marketing engine you've ever had, your secret weapon in crushing the competition and sending your business into the stratosphere.

We call it RAINCLOUD


"I've spent nearly 20 years watching awesome businesses die on the vine because of broken and non-existent lead generation processes. As a business owner myself, it is always sad to see good companies made of good people fail because they simply don't know how to connect with clients...clients that actually want and need the services they provide.  

I founded RAINCLOUD to solve this. 

Why? Because a business isn't just sales and revenue...a business is made of real people with real dreams.  A business is about putting your kids through college, it's paying your mortgage and having the money left over to take a nice vacation. It's the pride of building something and waking up every day with purpose.  What's more amazing than that? 

But sometimes people need a little help.  That's where we come in."


Colin Dowling - Founder and CEO